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facilitator:  Jawhara Shakeel
Bring your own picnic or order Jimmy Johns.  Dragon boat racing, Kona Ice, booths & more!  Hosted by BCIC.
Pursuant to School Board Policy 2:150, the Board of Education may establish committees to assist with the Board's governance function and, in some situations, to comply with state law requirements. Each committee reports directly to the Board of Education. Committee members may include both Board Members and non-Board Members depending on the committee's purpose. Committee appointments are made at the organization meeting of the Board that is held following the consolidated election in April of odd numbered years. Committee meetings are typically held once per month. The purpose of the Finance Committee is to review the district budget, financial projections and other important financial documents and reports.

220 Initiatives

2022-2023 Theme 

Each school year Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Hunt launches a theme for the district. The theme for the 2022-23 school year is #WeBelong220. 

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"Rose is committed to providing all students with an enriching, innovative and motivating learning environment, while supporting students' social and emotional needs. Our staff and parents work collaboratively to inspire each student to have the mindset that they will be a successful and contributing member of our global society."

Heather Schumacher
PrincipalBarbara B. Rose Elementary

Innovation 220

The Barrington 220 School District is a nationally recognized school district known for its rich history, sense of community and innovative curriculum.

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    Rose Elementary

    Photo of Stacey Sparesus

    For me, teaching at Rose feels like home! We enjoy great diversity and growing connections among staff, students, and families. Rose is a fun, inspiring, and supportive place to teach and learn!

    Stacy SparesusTeacher

    Photo of Aria Vaghasiya

    I like a lot of things about Rose. Rose makes me happy to be around my friends, makes me smarter and is a great place.Aria Vaghasiya Student

    Photo of Dan Gonka

    I love teaching art to my wonderful Rose students. Not only do I get to inspire them, but they inspire me as well. They make me want to work harder, be a better person, and achieve more every year.


    .Dan GonkaArt Teacher

    Photo of Mateo

    Rose school has the best teachers and social workers. They have helped me better develop my skills. Rose school is a gifted school.

    .Mateo ChlebowiczStudent

    Photo of Jen Wessberg

    I love teaching kindergarten because the children come to school with a "blank slate" and I get to be a part of their first school experience. Rose School is a wonderful place to learn and grow! Once a stingray, always a stingray!Jen WessbergTeacher

    Photo of Kim Ryder

    I am grateful and honored to be teaching in such a wonderful school. Whether you are a student or staff member, you have a strong sense of belonging at Rose. I am proud to see how our school community helps support each other to meet the needs of our children."Kim RyderTeacher