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On behalf of the students and staff, welcome to the Barbara B. Rose Elementary Library Media Center! We are here to serve the needs of our patrons, both short and tall. Please let us know how we can help you utilize our resources and services. The staff and students at Rose Elementary thank the Rose School PTO for their continuous support of the Rose School LMC.


The library is open on school days from 7:55am - 2:40pm, and 2:10pm on Wednesdays. Every class has a scheduled time for information literacy instruction and book check-out during the school week. Students do not have to wait for their check-out day to exchange books. They may check out and return books on any school day with classroom teacher permission.

Book Collection

The Rose Literature Collection consists of thousands of books and several periodical subscriptions appropriate for a wide spectrum of elementary readers. The Rose Multimedia Collection includes audio books, curriculum related videos, listening centers, portable laptop carts, digital cameras, video cameras, LCD projectors, and SMART boards for classrooms at every grade level.

Check Out Policy 

  • Students may check out books at any time during the school week, with teacher permission.

  • Books may be kept for one week with the option to renew for an additional week, or longer, if needed.  Students do not need bring the book to the library to renew.

  • Additional books may be checked out for classroom research projects and assignments.

  • In order to ensure that all students have equitable access to the library's materials, students are asked to return items by their due date.

  • Students who lose or damage library materials will be assessed a fine equal to the amount needed to replace the item.

Student Accounts 

Students (and parents of students) in grades 1 - 5 can log into Destiny, our circulation system, to check due dates, books checked out, fines, and books on hold. While students are logged in, they can also write reviews for books they've read, put books on their virtual bookshelves, as well as send and receive book recommendations from students and teachers. This can be done from any device with internet access.

  • Enter the student's username that they use at school to sign onto a computer. For example, my login would be pmeiser. Your child may have a digit in their username. For example: pmeiser1 or pmeiser2. That digit is part of the username and must be included to access Destiny Quest.
  • Enter your child's password, which is the student ID number.
  • You will know you are logged in when the greeting below Barbara B. Rose Elementary School will contain your child's username instead of Guest.
  • Click on the yellow book with the red bookmark next to the words My Info
  • Here you can view due dates, books checked out, fines, and books on hold by clicking on the appropriate tab.
  • Don't forget to log out when you're done!

Overdue Policy 

Overdue reminders are sent to parents via email at the end of each month and occasionally to students on paper. There are no overdue fines. Lost and damaged books need to be paid for as soon as possible. If a book is found and returned within 90 days of payment, money will be refunded. All funds collected are put into a library account to replace books. 

Lost Items

Please do not purchase a book to replace a lost or damaged item. While I appreciate your effort to streamline the process, most items purchased for library use are specially bound (for example, bindings are sewn, not glued) and have durable covers with guaranteed replacement by the manufacturers. An item purchased online or a book store is made to be read only once or twice and will fall apart quickly when used in a library.  In addition, items are ordered with library processing (bar code, spine labels, etc) and electronic catalog records. This does mean a greater cost, but over the long run, it is well worth it.

library media services

Pamela Meiser

Teacher Librarian

Kacee Thompson

Library Technology Assistant